"We Have 2 Escape" Music Video Premiere


This Time-traveling Sci-fi music video was Beautiful Machines first stab at really going full sci-fi. Conrad, Stefanie and Veli are extreme sci-fi, future-thinking enthusiasts, so it only made sense to get a bit of throwback in this latest music video. Featuring sexy Saxophone and dark creatures with glowing eyes, oh and of course a time machine in an abandoned train station. Here’s a little bit of a backstory:

In a post-apocalyptic future, Beautiful Machines is building a time machine in an abandoned train station to change the past and affect the future. However, we are pursued by dark agents with glowing eyes who want to thwart our efforts. 

Conrad is a theoretical physicist, inventor and philosopher, attempting to solve the problem of what happened in the past that we have to correct by designing a temporal displacement engine, or time machine portal.  Veli is the engineer and machinist of the machine. He is the pragmatist.  When there's a glitch and the machine fails, we need a new component and Stef comes to the rescue.  She is a stealthy operative and mind hacker who has the idea of where to get a replacement core for the machine.  What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, where she is hunted by a band of slave bots that have rebelled against their users and are ruthless. During the revolution, they were known to pull humans apart piece by piece. Nowadays, their killing methods are less elaborate, but their hatred of humans is just as strong. If they find a human, they kill them on sight. No exceptions.  At this point anything can happen, we don't want to spoil. 

"As a child of the 80's there's nothing that screams science-fiction to me more than the look of an anamorphic lens. From Aliens to Blade Runner, the anamorphic lens are has become a signature of the sci- feature.  I wanted to use the natural light in our locations to paint beautiful chiaroscuro imagines using a minimum amount of light. This creates a high contrast, beautiful image that allows us to really feel that single source of the sun.  Boy did we find a really awesome place to shoot this. The location gets us halfway there and with Corey and Gus's time machine, we've already done a lot to tell the story."

~ Director Timothy Plain

Last year, January 2017 I woke up with an idea that I wanted to create, a kind of direction emerged for the song We Have to Escape.  And at such an apt time as well. I wrote the idea on a piece of paper that would take into account each of our personalities and portray us in a symbolic way that has to do with our characters.  Veli is the engineer (in real life too), the maker and builder - and so he was to build the time machine portal.  Stef is a manifester and mind hacker, who without the plans we have would not happen.  She brings possibilities to life and into focus.  I am kind of a deep vision and direction holder, like an adventure tour guide.  So I would portray the theoretical physicist character with a plan to transform the past to create a better future (in the following sequel).  The song title We Have to Escape and time traveling portal signalled what was to soon come happen.  We subsequently packed our bags, sold our belongings and left for Europe for 8+ months - a real transformation.  It's interesting how the songs we write so accurately coincide with life events, like little related stories crystalized in time.  Here's the PODCAST from Making Movies is Hard (http://www.makingmoviesishard.com/episode-91/) the director and producer discussing the challenges and learnings of making the video and all the yummy details.  


So within the span of 2 months we went from conception to full on production shoot.  That's ridiculously fast, especially when this is a sidebar of being a musician.  I contacted my friend and director Timothy Plain who I worked with in the advertising days.  I pitched him the idea and he loved it.  He went to work fleshing it out and writing a solid treatment for the video with look and feel.  What follows is nothing short of miraculous.  He moves really fast, hired a producer Alrik Bursell, who over the course of a month rallied together a formidable team of production crew.  With our minimal budget of $5,000, what we pulled off, now seems impossible.  We had all kinds of people coming out to get involved in this project.  In the end we had about 40 people, gaffers, steadicam operators, cinematographers, set designers, art department, lighting, trucks, PAs, etc.  We ended up going slightly over budget, and everyone put in enormous amount of hours.  It was truly inspiring watch everyone work, and to think this was just an idea I had a couple months ago.  The first glimmer we had of this idea materializing was a sketch of the time machine. 

Gus Albright was the designer.  We were in San Luis Obispo traveling back from LA and saw this, and thought, WOW!!  Then what soon followed was a working model.  

 It's so fun watching how all this got made from inception to conception.  

Before we knew it, it was shoot day.