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We are amidst a great revolution. We are witnessing and participating the birth of AI, the merge of man and machine, a refinement of consciousness; we are approaching an era in which our intelligence will become increasingly nonbiological and trillions of times more powerful than it is today—the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity. The Singularity. This project is an expression of that r-evolution.

Singularity is a sci-fi opera consisting of a 4-part concept album series in the making. Inspired by sci-fi cinema, futuristic synths and sounds, each release will focus on a different theme over a greater story arc.  Topics will range from biological transcendence and AI to extraterrestrial intelligence and inter-dimensional beings; from the occult and paranormal to thoughts on paradoxes and scientific inquiry; from consciousness and the extrasensory to technology and exploration.  Each release will be furthered with a short film music video saga. 

Beautiful Machines - We Have 2 Escape Art.jpg

In a post-apocalyptic future, Beautiful Machines is building a time machine in an abandoned train station to change the past and affect the future. However, we are pursued by dark agents with glowing eyes who want to thwart our efforts. 

Conrad is a theoretical physicist, inventor and philosopher, attempting to solve the problem of what happened in the past that we have to correct by designing a temporal displacement engine, or time machine portal.  Veli is the engineer and machinist of the machine. He is the pragmatist.  When there's a glitch and the machine fails, we need a new component and Stef comes to the rescue.  She is a stealthy operative and mind hacker who has the idea of where to get a replacement core for the machine.  What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, where she is hunted by a band of slave bots that have rebelled against their users and are ruthless. During the revolution, they were known to pull humans apart piece by piece. Nowadays, their killing methods are less elaborate, but their hatred of humans is just as strong. If they find a human, they kill them on sight. No exceptions.  At this point anything can happen, we don't want to spoil. 

"As a child of the 80's there's nothing that screams science-fiction to me more than the look of an anamorphic lens. From Aliens to Blade Runner, the anamorphic lens are has become a signature of the sci- feature.  I wanted to use the natural light in our locations to paint beautiful chiaroscuro imagines using a minimum amount of light. This creates a high contrast, beautiful image that allows us to really feel that single source of the sun.  Boy did we find a really awesome place to shoot this. The location gets us halfway there and with Corey and Gus's time machine, we've already done a lot to tell the story." 

~ Director Timothy Plain

Artwork - Beautiful Machines - Bastian 4700x4700.jpg

Inspired by the central character from the Never Ending Story, Bastian, who is bullied, escapes into an imaginary world whose very imagination creates worlds and he becomes part of the story he is creating.  Remember that feeling of being a kid playing with toys and the battles and imagery created in your imagined world? This song is about creativity as our last bastion of hope. Innocence lost and growing up, but realizing you can still have dreams. Bastian is inspiration and hope with a message to never give up dreaming. He’s the quintessential representation of creativity itself.  With a magical butterfly-like opening, gentle EBow guitar texture, building slowly with a highly emotive dynamic and pulse, we crescendo into a soaring analog synth lead release.  Bastian was written and produced by Beautiful Machines in San Francisco, Italy and finally realized in Thailand.  Bastian is the first single since Beautiful Machines’ album release Bridges (2016), and is the first of a series of releases coming, including a music video in October 2018, culminating in the album release of their third album Singularity.

Artwork - Beautiful Machines - Take the Night 3000x3000.jpg

It’s late at night, you’re heading to the club, and you’re attacked by a mob of zombies. This is the premise of Take the Night.  Inspired by artists like Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran and Michael Jackson.  Beautiful Machines produced Take the Night during a spooky howling wind and lightning storm just after visiting Stonehenge near Winchester, UK. So what do you do when attacked by zombies?  You need a soundtrack and this is that track.  If you listen close you can hear the real-life recording of a zombie encounter, and a siamese cat, because, why not?  Straddling the line between synthwave, horror movie soundtrack and something new, Take the Night is the second single since Beautiful Machines’ album release Bridges (2016), and is the second of a series of releases coming, including a music video in November 2018, culminating in the album release of their third album Singularity.

Baum Baum Art.jpg

Baum Baum was written in Berlin in winter of 2015 on a 2.5 month writing hiatus.  During which time, Stefanie and Conrad visited the famed Hansa Studios where Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode recorded some of their most innovative works.  Echoes of Depeche Mode are evident in this track.  During their time in Berlin, Conrad learned there were unexploded bombs still in Berlin and Germany left over from the war.  From a bombed out city, life can start anew, so there is a play on words with Bomb Bomb and Baum Baum. In german Baum translates to “tree.”