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"When singer Conrad Schuman met Finnish drummer / maker / programmer Veli Matti Mattila and globetrotting sound artist Stef Ku in early 2011, it was the start of something beautiful. In the years since, the band has developed a truly magnanimous sound that is as much a nod to the past as it is a reflection of the musical ingenuity of today." ~ Nylon

"If you like enlightening music that makes you think, this band is definitely for you." ~ Mogul

"Let yourself be carried away by the big sound of Beautiful Machines, a three-piece from San Francisco." ~ Glamglare

"Deep within the Tech infused city of San Francisco live a band of live electronic-infused beats and low rumbling bass against beautiful synth craft, rich guitar textures and riffs. With outstanding smooth bold vocals and lush harmonies they’ve performed at Burningman, SXSW and Decompression." ~ Dark Beauty Magazine

"S.F.’s Beautiful Machines generate a dense arena-sized electro-rock sound that aims
 to be a total immersive experience, a darkly modern laser vibe with Schuman’s moody mutterings lending the right attitude.  “Real Love” shows the band’s ability to create a shimmering sci-fi aura."  ~  Music Connection Magazine

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